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J.N.Fogg & Son began with E.L. Fogg, a contractor and paint store owner in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1918 (See Picture-“Fogg’s Paint store”).  That Paint store is also where John Fogg Sr. was born and raised (So painting really is in his blood!).

After his Honorable Discharge from his service during the Korean War in the U.S. Air force, John Sr. moved to CT in 1958 (where he met his wife whom he married in 1960), to continue with his expertise in the painting industry. John Jr. was also apprenticed in J. N. Fogg & Son and added to his repertoire an extensive art background extending today’s J. N. Fogg & Son, LLC  services to include many decorative finishes and textures.


A paint job should serve three basic functions: to preserve, to beautify & to protect.

Proper assessment of pre-existing apparent or hidden problems is essential to knowing how to proceed. Issues such as moisture, mildew, dry rot, rust, efflorescence,  cracks, peeling paint, etc., must be identified and remedied prior to painting.

Proper surface preparation is key to a successful paint job that will brave the elements and last for years to come. In years past, “Save the Surface and You Can Save All” was the industries slogan. It is still very important today.

Our knowledge and experience with various paints and materials can assist you in choosing the right product for the project.

We use only premium quality materials to ensure durability and longevity of the completed project which saves you money in the long run.

All of our projects are completed in compliance with PDCA guidelines, government regulations and standard business practices.

The smallest detail can make a whole world of difference. That’s why we take care to prepare our work space before the project begins, and ensure that every last stroke of the brush is exactly where it should be (this is especially critical in custom painting). We always work to ensure your satisfaction, and always clean up after our job is complete.

Since 1959, clients have always received the very highest level of service from Fogg’s Painting. We are always on time throughout the course of the project, and completely respectful of your residence or office. We welcome your questions at any time – before, during, or after your project has been completed.

Excellent, expedient, high quality service. Definitely would use them again. Professional advice and reliable workmanship made painting my home much easier.

Shonn T in Salem, CT Shonn T in Salem, CT